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Mon 30 May, 2022

10 Summer Healthy Lunch Recipes

Here are 10 Summer Healthy Recipes for Lunch that will keep your energy levels high, your workout recovery quick and your goals in sight. We’ve started to experience the start of this year’s Summer weather which for some will mean a change in appetite or diet.


Staying healthy can be hard if you’re on the go. Whether you’re working or to and from your workouts, these lunch recipes will ensure you’re prepared. Take them to work, or the gym for pre or post-workouts. Each of our 10 Summer Healthy Recipes are high in protein with vegetarian choices, and will be sure to hit your Macros or Calorie targets.


1 – Prep these on the weekend and enjoy them for lunches on the go, hot or cold!

2 – Make this recipe even quicker by cutting down the marinade time or doing it on the weekend. Add a microwave bag of rice and you’ve got a great low carb lunch awaiting you.

3 – The first of our vegetarian recipes. This is quick and packed full of flavour so even if you eat meat or are up on your protein goal for the day, give this a go at lunch!

4 – Knock up a salad with only your favourite ingredients, complemented by some delicious pulled bbq chicken, this makes lunch time level up.

5 – Summer salads don’t have to be boring. Whip up this gorgeous Mediterranean salad over the weekend or use it as a side salad for dinner and have the rest for lunch.

6 – Quick and versatile, this can be made as a sandwich before work. Have it in a wrap, bread or bun to enjoy later.

7 – Caesar Salad just got gains! Extra protein for those who are on a big workout day or bulking this Summer.

8 – Who doesn’t love a chickpea? We do and they are the star of the show with this salad.

9 – This wrap is one of champions. Simple to make and easy to enjoy with ingredients you can pick and choose to include.

10 – To match the above, this sandwich is one of kings. Prepare the steak on the weekend and have a summer lunch to look forward to during the week.

We hope you enjoy making these and would love to hear about it if you do. Be sure to share it with us if you do through our Instagram or Facebook – @simplygymhq