Creating the Ultimate Workout Playlist

As much as we would all love to say we are totally motivated to go through the motions of an intense workout each time we hit the gym, the reality is that we often need a bit of encouragement to really get in the zone. Music is a fantastic motivator for fitness (can you imagine a Zumba class without any music?!) and the guys over at Panache are on a mission to create the ultimate workout playlist to help us get to the end of our workout session with ease.

This month, you can vote for the tracks you love (and bin the ones you hate) by heading over to The playlist (which you can listen to and follow here) is building nicely but they are happy to consider any suggestions you have, which you can tell them out about via Twitter and Facebook.

Women in fitness will understand just how important a quality sports bra that fits perfectly is; not only do they help to keep you supported, they are also imperative when it comes to remaining comfortable throughout your workout. It’s because of this that Panache are offering those who submit their ultimate playlist the chance to win a sports bra, with a new winner being chosen at random every day throughout January.

This got us thinking about our favourite tunes here at Simply Gym. We love 90’s dance classics but some of us also love a decent rock tune (particularly when weight lifting – nothing like a bit of Metallica when it comes to feeling the burn!) In fact, we’re off to submit our playlist now…

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