10 Foods to Avert a Mid-Afternoon Energy Crash


The renowned mid-afternoon lull is widely considered the hardest part of the working day. By 2pm many of us are reaching for the coffee to provide the boost needed to remain alert and focussed for the last few hours of the working day. Before flicking on the kettle, try some of these natural alternatives to give you the energy boost you are looking for.

Wholegrain cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so tuck into a large bowl of wholegrain cereal. The fibre will help you feel full and the slow release carbohydrates will keep your energy balanced throughout the day. Choose a fortified cereal for extra vitamin benefits.


Watermelon’s water content will help perk you up when your body craves hydration. It also has energy-rich B vitamins and natural sugars to stave off fatigue.


Iron-deficiency anaemia can leave you feeling sluggish and craving sugary snacks, which will drop your blood sugar levels despite packing an initial punch. Lentils help top-up your iron stores while stabilising blood sugar levels.


For some sustenance, try a banana. The potassium will help ward off fatigue, and the sugars are released slowly into the bloodstream, helping to maintain energy levels.

Goji berries

A high-iron berry that can increase metabolism while boosting energy. They’re the perfect size for grazing on, too.

Red pepper

Red peppers are packed with Vitamin C which aids the healing process and makes your body feel less fatigued.


Quinoa is a ‘superfood’ as it contains all of the amino acids needed in the human diet. The magnesium compliments the iron and protein in the grain, making it an amazing fatigue-buster.

Greek yoghurt

Yoghurt is full of protein and B vitamins which are utilised to release energy from food. Add it to your cereal for an even more nutrient-filled breakfast.


When you’re flagging, the healthy fats in walnuts can provide you with a concentrated source of energy for long duration activities of low intensity, such as office work.


For an instant wake-up call, eat an apple. The fructose they contain will be converted into energy, fast, and their antioxidants will help keep you alert.

Say goodbye to the mid-afternoon crash, and feel instantly rejuvenated with the energy-boosting properties of these 10 foods that deserve a place in your diet.

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