10 Things Gym Newbies Experience on Their First Day

It’s natural to feel nervous on your first day at the gym, especially if you’re not used to using equipment, or can’t remember the last time you actually did any strenuous exercise. But the good thing is that your first day at the gym is your first day towards reaching success! So once you forget the fears and come to terms with the (sometimes bizarre) nature of gym life, you’ll be readily on your way to becoming a regular gym goer. Just remember, when reading the below, everyone has been there!

1. The initial wave of shame you feel walking into the gym for the first time and thinking everyone is judging you:

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2. Feeling like all eyes are on you when you start lifting, so you pick up the big boys to try and prove your worth on the gym floor (even at the expense of your arms falling off):


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3. Taking a moment to think about all the pain and suffering you will have to go through before you get anywhere near as good as the experts:

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4. Wondering what an acceptable amount of sweat is, and whether you fall into that category:


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5. Also wondering whether you should be grateful or offended at the chiselled, tough guy giving you life lesson advice:


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6. Trying to figure out if it’s normal for that person to be shaving that part of their body in the changing room:


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7. Wondering if it’s normal that you’re feeling stressed out after ten minutes of cardio (or whether you’re just being dramatic):


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…followed by that brief moment of doubt where you start questioning your whole existence:


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9. Not knowing whether you should laugh or cry after completing your first full 30 minute workout:

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10. Realising you actually feel okay about coming back to the gym, because you didn’t break any bones, and someone even gave you a compliment:


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