Check in for Charity: Breast Cancer Awareness

1 in 8 women and 1 in 870 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. This is a shocking statistic and a subject very close to our hearts.

To raise awareness for breast cancer, we are asking all of our members to Check in to Simply Gym on Facebook to help us spread the word. As part of our campaign we will have Check in for Charity buckets at our gyms, should you wish to make a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness.

check in for charity

If you would like to contribute to our campaign please send in your workout photos and videos with a caption: perhaps there is a woman in sport you admire? Why are you a member of Simply Gym? Perhaps someone you know has suffered from breast cancer and you’d like to show your support…


Send us your photos and videos via:

  • Simply Social (see bottom of page)


As part of our campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer, and in light of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in March, Simply Gym are also offering you the chance to bring your mother to the gym for free during Mother’s Day Weekend (Check out our Blog and Facebook event!)

So, help us raise awareness for breast cancer and don’t forget to Check in to Simply Gym on Facebook to help spread the word!

All our love and support – Team Simply x

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