4 gym classes that will transform your social life

Many people feel the gym is solely for exercising, focusing and rejuvenating but it’s also one of the best places to socialise! Wouldn’t you agree that meeting new people, and exercising in a healthy and energised atmosphere can boost the morale of the sometimes seemingly daunting gym environment?

Sure, many people feel that the gym is not the place for this, the gym should be a quiet place where you can concentrate and build body fitness without discussion. But there’s no denying that exercise can help boost your mood by improving self-esteem, not to mention boosting your energy levels. So what’s stopping you from participating in exercise that not only helps your overall health, but also helps you create a great social life?

At Simply Gym, we’ve got an abundance of classes that will help transform your social life at the gym:

1. Group Fitness Classes:

These classes are a great way to develop bonds with people and to get fit in a physically and socially positive way. From Indoor Cycling Class to Yoga and Zumba to Pilates there is something for everyone to build up your body and to be in a socially relaxed environment. One of the main influences for the human body is to be social and it shows an improvement in the mental health of the individual. Having a social life works hand in hand with physical health, a clear correlation which can show how group fitness classes are a positive addition to aid the gym social structure.

2. Indoor Cycling Classes:

Indoor cycling is a great way to get fit as a group, it is a form of aerobic exercise which is high intensity cardio. Improving your leg muscles and building up stamina along with others in your class is a great way to show social interaction. Building up strength and developing a healthy routine with others can help to improve your body physically. Furthermore, the motivation you give to each other can help with the emotional needs which need special care especially in a demanding environment such as the gym.

3. Zumba Classes:

Another form of aerobic fitness combined with powerful energetic music which help to build up stamina and create a positive social atmosphere with fellow fitness dancers. Working the whole body right from the core helps to release body stimulants known as serotonin which help you feel joyful, energised and better yet relaxed!

4. Yoga:

What better way to exercise and release unnecessary tension or anxiety other than Yoga? This ancient art of focusing the body on strength, flexibility and breathing helps you to release any stress or worries and is a fantastic way at ending a busy day. Even more so, yoga and your gym friends, the perfect socialisation combination and the perfect way to get fit and healthy in a controlled and peaceful manner.

So next time you’re at your local Simply Gym give group fitness a go, you never know who you will meet and even better how much MORE amazing you feel after a good day socialising at the gym!!

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