5 top tips to stick and maintain your gym regime this New Year!

New Year, New You. After making you new year’s resolutions, you feel determined to get back into shape and detox after party season the previous month. Drinking a detoxing green smoothie. Buying that new gym gear. Promising to wear it more by sticking to a strict gym routine. The resolutions list is endless. However, a third of us that make our resolutions don’t always keep them past January.

We at Simply Gym have come up with 5 top tips to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution(s).

1. Set SMART Goals

Having SMART fitness goals are a great starting point for anyone wanting to achieve your fitness goals. You just need to sit down in a quiet area for about 10-15 minutes and plan your SMART fitness goals. Your fitness goals should adhere to:

  • What you want to SPECIFICALLY achieve
  • how you’re going to MEASURE it
  • whether it’s ACHIEVABLE
  • if it’s a REALISTIC goal
  • and a TIMEFRAME for when you want to achieve it

Having these types of goals can light the fuse for your motivation to achieve your goals!

2. Keep your eyes on the prize

If you already have a vision board, then great, you’re halfway there. But if you don’t believe in that kind of thing, that’s ok. But it is worth keeping images of your ideal body/weight up somewhere for you to see everyday. It could also be those jeans or dream dress or bikini out where you can see it everyday. Seeing it everyday can motivate you to stick to your gym routine.

3. Mix it up!

Try a variety of exercises to keep your gym visits fresh and exciting. You can vary your exercise routine with gym, classes, swim and new sports! It can be boring to do just cardio in the gym, and you can find yourself craving more for yourself. You can always try a new class or sport – it can be part of your resolution to try something new! We offer a range of classes, from heart-pumping Zumba, HIIT and Spin, to more gentle exercises such as mat Pilates and Yoga.

4. Invest in yourself

Why not treat yourself this year by investing in a trainer! Having a personal trainer (PT) can enrich your gym regime and experience. It can also be a great way for starting your fitness journey and can spark your motivation. Your PT can also create a gym session which can be tailored to you and your fitness goals.

5. Take a buddy with you!

People are more likely to go to the gym and complete a workout when they go with a friend. It also adds more moral obligation to sticking to your gym goals. About 80% of people make excuses to get out of exercising, with being “too tired” being the most popular. However, with careful planning and good discipline, these traits can be developed and you can maintain your gym routine. We at Simply Gym support you and for you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, train for a specific event, or shredding for the wedding, we at Simply Gym always support our members on their fitness journey.

Simply Gym are offering £3 guest pass offer for any member who brings their friend with them every gym session. Another example of great gym motivation, as one can spot the other and your workout won’t feel like one when you’re with your friend!


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