5 Ways to Inspire Gym Confidence

At first, it’s understandable to feel self-conscious at the gym. Many gym-goers are intimidated by some areas of the gym, such as the seemingly dreaded weights room! Research has shown that around 30% of people feel too embarrassed to use certain equipment in the gym. This may lead to unfulfilling workouts that fail to show any return in terms of improvement to their shape, strength, confidence and/or fitness.

This is how so many people fall off the fitness wagon and once again end up having re-build up the courage to get back into the gym – It’s a vicious cycle!

We’ve got five great tips that’ll inspire gym confidence and have you feeling at home in no time!

Remember, everyone had to start somewhere

When you’re unsure of how to use a machine and are too shy to ask, don’t abandon the idea and beeline for the cafe! Instead, #SimplyAsk. At Simply Gym, our friendly staff are more than happy to help with any queries you might have about certain equipment. They don’t bite, so don’t be shy to ask – they’re more than happy to help anyone in the gym achieve their fitness goals! If you can’t see one of our friendly trainers, try referring to the instructions that should be on all of our machines. Remind yourself that at everyone’s started somewhere on their fitness journey and even masters were beginners once.

You don’t need confidence to go to the gym – you’ll get it by going!

For some, the greatest challenge can be building up the courage to go to the gym in the first place. If you feel yourself falling into this slump, remind yourself: if you do it a couple of times, you’ll feel comfortable the next time you do it. Taking the first step is what makes the impact, even if that’s just going to the gym to sign up and take a tour, rather than signing up online.

Get lost in your music

Happy woman putting on headphone in the gym - Simply Gym

By listening to your favourite music whilst doing your workout, it blocks out everything around you so you don’t feel so self-conscious. This allows you to solely focused on you and your workout. Create a gym playlist full of your favourite upbeat song it’ll ease anxiety, improve your mood and you’ll feel ready to tackle your workout.

Take a class before taking to the gym floor

Taking a class is a great way to boost your confidence. They’re sociable, fun, and you’re in a mixed abilities class, so chances are someone else will also be a beginner. Also, by talking to our helpful instructors you can tailor the class to your level of experience. By attending the weekly classes it’s likely that you’ll meet someone to go to the gym with, and you know what they say, there’s strength in numbers

Find inspiration online


You’re not the only newbie at the gym! If you feel you need a boost before going to the gym, you could get inspiration on social media or from our transformation blogs. After a few transformation stories, you’ll be inspired to get on the treadmill or glute machine!  You could also get your hands on the Carly Letch guide. A guide created from her inspirational #SimplyTransformation story, to help those who want to make a great change to their overall health and fitness.

We hope these tips help. If you know someone that might be low on confidence when it comes to heading to the gym, why not share this blog with them?

– And remember, if you are unsure #SimplyAsk!


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