The essential workout component you may be forgetting

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail… and possibly get an injury too!

“Warming up is essential!”

We know, you’ve heard it all before, but how many of us actually warm up every time?

Whether you’re planning to tackle the weights or a tough cardio-focused run, you better warm your body up. Getting hurt is a pain, literally. If you get injured, you won’t be able to train as you’ll need to give time for recovery before continuing on your fitness journey, and that’s no fun.

We know there are still so many people who forget to make time for a warm-up, and at Simply Gym we want to see everyone progress as much as they physically can. So as a friendly reminder, we’ve gathered four key benefits of warming up before your workout:

People performing a cardio warm up before workout

Increased blood temperature

A warm-up prepares your body by gently increasing your heart-rate and circulation. Raising your body temperature causes your blood vessels to dilate and reduce resistance in blood flow. This means blood is being pumped through your body more efficiently. It delivers the oxygen in the blood to your muscles at an increased rate and can improve endurance during exercise, so you can workout for longer and train harder.

Increased muscle temperature and response

Increasing your body’s temperature improves your body’s elasticity. A muscle that’s warmed up contracts more forcefully and relaxes much quicker. This way, speed and strength are enhanced, allowing you to improve your performance when exercising and avoid injuries like pulls and tears.

Improved range of movement

When warmed up, your body has a better range of movement, especially in your joints. This improved range of movement will make it easier to maintain the correct posture and technique when working out, making sure you are working the correct muscles and avoiding injury from over-extension or twisting of joints.

Stretching before a workout to increase your range of movement

Mentally preparing for your workout

Finally, warming up can also mentally prepare you for the workout you’re about to do. It can clear your mind, improve your motivation and increase your focus, allowing you to concentrate on perfecting your form and getting the most out of your workout.

We hope our little reminder gets you back into the habit of warming up, taking just five or ten minutes to warm up could transform your workout and improve your progress immensely!

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