What are the Benefits of Boxercise Classes?

Even if you think you can’t pack a punch, or don’t fancy the idea of a blow to the head, boxing classes in a fitness environment are suitable for everyone! There are numerous benefits of boxercise classes as they take the fitness elements from boxing and put them into an effective and addictive group workout class. But don’t worry, you can certainly reap the benefits of boxing without experiencing any of the competition (or potential risks!)

We’ve put together our top 5 reasons why every gym member should book a boxing class.


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5 Reasons Why Every Gym Member Should Book a Boxercise Class


1) Great for cardio!

Boxing provides a useful balance between cardio and resistance training, with no treadmill in sight! With a combination of steady cardio and high-intensity blasts, your heart rate will be increased as you punch and move.


2) Better body composition and strength

Punching, whether it’s a punch bag or a set of pads, requires a surprising amount of upper body strength. If you combine this with a series of other exercises such as squats, lunges and abdominal work, your can achieve a full body workout and improve muscular strength and endurance throughout. By combining some serious strength moves with calorie-burning cardio, boxercise will in turn help to improve your body composition (if you stick to that all-important nutrition plan too!)


3) Improved coordination (But do still try to get it right first time!)

Hand-eye coordination can be improved through regular boxing classes as you get more and more accurate at hitting those black dots! By improving your motor skills, reaction times and agility, boxing is suitable for all abilities whether you are looking to gain a sporting edge or just improve your general health and fitness. Combine coordination with cardio and strength and you are onto a winner.


4) Reduced stress and anxiety

Exercise, in general, releases endorphins which boosts your mood and increases your energy levels. As well as stimulating endorphins, boxing specifically is an excellent choice if you are feeling the need to combat stress. Punching a bag or pads helps release muscle tension and can be used symbolically. Use boxercise as an outlet to take your frustrations out and leave feeling refreshed and stress-free!       


5) Improved confidence

One of the key benefits of boxercise is boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence. Find out how to generate power, improve your reaction times and all importantly dodge that oncoming pad! Improve your confidence as you learn how to defend yourself. 


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Are you reading to reap the benefits of boxercise classes? Many of our Simply Gym sites offer boxing-based group exercise classes which will leave you feeling de-stressed and powerful! Sign up to Simply Gym today and experience the benefits of boxing at your local gym.

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