Simply Transformation: Niki Fleming

Niki Fleming tells us about her Simply transformation and how having personal training has helped her reach her goals at Simply Gym Kettering. Training with PT Lewis Burton, she has made some incredible successes losing an incredible 106lbs and completing a half marathon in under 3 hours! 
Simply Transformation

What made her decide to start her fitness journey?

My health and fitness journey was forced upon me back in December 2016. After the shocking news of hearing my Nan being diagnosed with cancer, she said to me ‘Niki, if you don’t fight your weight, I’m not fighting this cancer’. So, on the 13th January 2017, I stood on the scales for the first time and took ‘starting pictures’, this is when my life changing fitness journey began.

Simply Transformation


How has personal training helped her?

I met Lewis in January 2018, when my husband and I were working out in the gym whilst watching Lewis deliver a personal training session. I remember watching and listening to him and I knew straight away he was the person I wanted to help me. The rest is history.

Personal training has helped me more than I could have ever imagined, Lewis isn’t just a trainer to me he’s a; counsellor, dietician a teacher but most of all a friend. He’s helped me master movements I would never have touched alone, ensuring we are beating personal bests and the goals we have set, he really is a goal driven individual which is what’s needed in a trainer. I know that without having Lewis as my PT, I wouldn’t have got close to my goal or had the confidence in myself, or the gym as I do now.

Simply Transformation

What advice would you give to anyone starting his or her fitness journey?

Make sure you have a good reason ‘why’. I have found over the years that the reason people fail is because of the reason ‘why’ they are doing it is too weak.

I would also strongly recommend that you get tracked properly; take photo’s every few months and get measured. Not all victories come from the scales. One thing Lewis made me realise is ‘non-scale victories’ are important too.
Capture your progress; you will want to look back on the progress you are making along the way.

I would advise finding a trainer, not just any trainer, but someone with genuine passion and that cares, like Lewis. Even if it’s just once a week, it keeps you accountable, ensures you are making progress and keeping you on track while giving you all the necessary tools to hit your goals.


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