Transformation Thursday – #SimplyLikeMe – Lauren – Kettering

For all our fellow Mum’s out there. Lauren shows there is always ways of keeping healthy and still being a mum. Read her incredible Transformation Story below:

In this transformation Tuesday, Lauren started personal training Sessions during 2017 with Franky Tallett, a Level 4 S&C Coach and a Level 3 Personal Trainer based at Simply Gym, Kettering. To begin with she wanted to improve her core strength and focus on Kickboxing Padwork sessions. This was something she enjoyed doing as it is a fantastic stress release along with being an awesome core and upper body workout. She noticed a great improvement in her fitness and was pleased with how much leaner she looked overall after a few months into her training.

Lauren then found out she was pregnant so after the first trimester and clearance from her midwife she continued to train with Franky having weekly Personal Training sessions throughout her pregnancy, therefore maintaining her fitness levels safely through Padwork sessions and selected exercises which helped with her stress levels, mobility and to help keep her fit & healthy during her pregnancy.


Franky says ‘ training while pregnant is absolutely fine and beneficial to both Mother & Baby providing the focus is to maintain the current fitness level of the client and to take into consideration certain contra-indications that can apply to pregnant women such as the hormone ‘relaxin’ being present, for example ‘


During her pregnancy she stayed active as much as she could and once she had her baby and received medical clearance from her GP that is was safe to commence exercise again she started back with Franky doing focus Padwork sessions and strength training.


Throughout her pregnancy she gained over 4.5 stone. However after only 20 weeks post post-partum she has lost 4 stone. She is feeling on her way to how she was fitness level wise pre-pregnancy!


Lauren says I gained 5.5 stone in my first pregnancy in 2015. My daughter was almost two when I started training with Franky. I had never been very active and I was struggling to lose my baby weight. 6 months in and Franky had me feeling more toned than I had in my life. I was training 3 times a week. Then I fell pregnant again. I knew I wanted to maintain my fitness levels as much as possible. Franky was great at making sure I wasn’t over exerting myself. My energy levels were generally quite high for the majority of this pregnancy. I credit that to having been quite active in the beginning. I had Pelvic Girdle Pain and my energy levels began dropping at 30 weeks. Franky adapted my sessions and she gave me lots of advice on what exercises I could do on my own.

Overall, despite training 3 times a week and being very careful with my diet. I still gained 63lbs which really dented my confidence and made it hard to move. So much so I had to stop training at 34 weeks. Once my son was born I was itching to get back into the gym. However I knew it was important to get signed off by my GP so I didn’t injure myself. I started back at 6 weeks post partum with just cardio. By 9 weeks I was back training with Franky.

My husband is very supportive and it enables me to get to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Mainly in the evenings once the children are asleep. So far I’ve managed to lose 56lbs. Now I think I’m more toned in places than I ever was before either of my pregnancies.

I’m hoping to be back to my pre baby weight in the next few months, and I want to mark my achievement by entering in Tough Mudder or something similar in the next year. The main goal for 2019 will be making sure I remain committed to my fitness once I return to work in July.      

In this transformation Tuesday, Lauren is a fantastic example of how you can maintain your fitness levels throughout your pregnancy. With the correct guidance and consistency she has shown that you can get your pre baby body back by staying fit and active, but likewise listen to your body.

Being new Mum is daunting so be kind to yourself and if you need a rest, then take it !

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