#NationalWalkingDay – Why it is so important to get those steps in

#NationalWalkingDay highlights positive impacts to keep moving and shows the positive impacts it can bring on your lifestyle.

Often throughout jobs we remain seated. But with recent phenomenons such as the fitbit, highlights how little we move. It has been indicated that an average Briton walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day (BBC, 2015). This can often be identified as just a target, and has been subjected to research. The importance of getting up and going for a walk is still important.

The positive that getting up and going for a walk can bring include:

  • It improves the health of your heart. Whilst walking it allows blood to move through the body but it doesn’t include the strain that cardiovascular activity can include (Telegraph, 2017)
  • It helps to reduce heart attack, heart failure and strokes by 31% (Telegraph, 2017)
  • It helps to improve your mood (Telegraph, 2017)
  • Helps with relaxation (Telegraph, 2017)

These are just the few of many positive impacts walking can have on an individual life. On #NationalWalkingDay make take time out of your day to get out and go for a walk.Even if its on a treadmill. This may be the start of an extraordinary journey.

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