#TransformationTuesday – Amy Hellmund – Bedford – My fitness journey

Amy is our next member of our #SimplyLikeMe campaign. She shows us that by just stepping into the gym can completely change your life and now is on a fitness journey.

Her fitness journey shows that stepping into the gym is the most important part. Here is Amy’s story. I used to weigh approx 80kg, absolutely hated exercise, never even dreamed of setting foot in a gym. Nowadays, you have to fight to keep me away from the place! I am addicted, and the results have shown.


I started training, like most people, by doing cardio. There were minor changes but nothing exciting. that was until I started weight training. Fitness certainly is now a big part of my life and I can’t wait to see what this year brings with this journey.

I joined Simply Gym in January after being at my old gym for a few years. Overall it has been the best decision, it’s a great gym and I feel more motivated than ever to keep pushing myself! I hope my fitness journey can inspire you. You can follow me on Instagram at: @amyhellmund

If you also would like to join one of our gyms. Make sure to check out our website at: http://www,simplygym.co.uk

Finally, if you would like to be part of our #SimplyLikeMe campaign please email: marketing@simplygym.co.uk

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