#SimplyLikeMe – Personal Trainer Dale Johns – Bedford

Dale, a personal trainer at Simply Gym Bedford, shows his incredible transformation. He also shows how the impact of going to the gym isn’t about how you look. Instead how it can bring positive aspects it can have on your mental health.

Dale tells us his story from struggling with his mental health to becoming a Simply Gym Bedford personal trainer. After a messy breakup in 2017 left me struggling with my both my self-confidence and my mental health. I had a decision to make; sit and feel sorry for myself and be self-destructive, or channel everything into improving myself in whatever ways I could.

At the start I was probably more focused on how I looked in the mirror but that quickly shifted to a focus on how I felt mentally, how I moved around day-to-day, and how I physically performed in the gym.

Now, as a personal trainer at Simply Gym Bedford (Give them a follow on instagram at @simplygym_bedford). It’s just as (if not, more) rewarding to see some of those changes appear in my clients as they make a lot of the same commitments, investments and positive lifestyle changes that I did. No miracle diet plans, no groundbreaking workout routines, no magic pills, just consistency and small, sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes that add up to make a difference (still working on smiling for photos though…)

Make sure to check out our Simply Gym Bedford gym at : https://www.simplygym.co.uk . Make sure to check out the personal trainers that we have on offer throughout all of our gyms.

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