#SimplyLikeMe – Katy – Simply Gym Kettering

Our next #SimplyLikeMe is Katy from Simply Gym Kettering. Read her incredible transformation below

Katy has been a member of Simply Gym Kettering since it opened in 2015, however she started taking her diet and exercise seriously in 2017 and combining healthy eating and regular trips to Simply Gym to participate in Classes and until more recently, Personal Training, she has lost a fantastic 2.5 stone in total!

Even more so, Katy reached her target weight back in 2018 and this is where the hard work begins….maintenance!!

Franky Tallett, a Level 3 PT and level 4 S&C coach says, ‘ quite often the weightloss journey itself isn’t the hard part as you have an outcome goal in place, its once you have reached this point where things can go pear shaped for many people. Maintaining your weight and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult and you need to keep small and achievable process goals to work towards to stay motivated and accountable.’

This is when Katy decided to contact Franky earlier in the year and have weekly Personal Training Sessions to help keep her focus, work on strength training, master some lifting techniques & hit some CrossFit workouts to bring her fitness up to the next level.

No way in that old picture would I have thought I’d be training at the gym 5 times per week!

Katy says ‘ No way in that old picture would I have thought I’d be training at the gym 5 times per week, and enjoying it! I can sustain tough Indoor Cycling Classes. I even booked myself onto a residential fitness break called BootcampBG which Franky runs in Bulgaria. Some other gym members also come and absolutely loved it!! I would never of had the confidence to do that a few years back.

Katy also says, ‘I have Burlesque classes weekly which I certainly wouldn’t have done and feel confident to train independently with weights in the gym now’.

Furthermore, Franky has given me a weights programme to follow and I do tough workouts with her during our PT sessions which help me stay motivated , focused and on track ‘

Finally, Katy has proven that Personal Training isn’t just about the journey getting to where you want to be, it’s the support and continued encouragement once you are where you want to be.

Well Done Katy!

Make sure to check out a Simply Gym near you, and see what our personal trainers can offer you! Memberships starting from just £16.99!

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