How To Stay Motivated During Winter

When the nights start to draw in, motivation starts to deteriorate. With the cold weather and dark evenings. It has been indicated that due to the lack of sunlight, this causes more of melatonin, which makes you more sleepy [1]. This will in turn affect your motivation levels to come to Simply Gym. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you get your best workouts during the winter season.

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Change up your routine

During the dimmer days, it is important to things more exciting with your workouts. Doing the same thing, you become unmotivated and therefore become bored. Make sure to check out our classes that we have available at your local Simply Gym or check out the equipment we have available.

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Make sure to set your plan

Before entering the gym, make sure to have a plan of action. By doing this, you are likely to complete the workouts in an effective manner and feel much more motivated to keep coming back. It will also make yourself reliable to reaching these plans, giving you the motivation.

Invest in new clothes (if applicable)

Though we need to be more conscious to what we are buying. If its motivating for you, invest in some new, sustainable, clothes. Try to pick brands that are good quality and are good for the environment. By doing this you will be more likely to feel even more motivated to keep coming back in your brand new clothes.

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Set goals

Make sure to set yourself goals which are reachable and obtainable, by completing these goals, you’ll keep building. From there you will maintain motivation and allow you ensure that you reach the goals that you always wanted to hit, even with the dark evenings.


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[1] NHS, 2019. 5 ways to wipe out winter tiredness. Retrieved from

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