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Our next class of the week is Pilates. We take a look at the number of benefits partaking in these classes can have. With all of our gyms having specific aerobic studios, it allows multiple classes to be put on every week Take a look at our timetable at your local Simply Gym to see when your next class is on!

positives of pilates

improves flexibility

By partaking in Pilates, you are likely increase flexibility around your joints. There will mean over time you will become more able to increase movement [1]

suitable for everyone

You can perform Pilates at your own ability, using your own body weight, or with assistance from various pieces of equipment [1]

boost your mood and relaxes you

By taking part in a Pilates, you are likely to increase awareness and therefore helps towards reducing stress and allow you to become more relaxed [1]

improves posture

In linking with flexibility, by taking part in Pilates, you are more likely to improve muscle strength in areas which you hadn't previously thought about [1].

make sure to check out the pilates classes we have available

all classes included in your membership

Make sure to come and check out a local Simply Gym! Memberships starting from just £16.99! All classes included, large cardio and weights area, separate spin and cardio studios! Free parking, changing facilities and much more!


Classes can vary gym to gym therefore this class may not be listed at your gym


[1] BetterHealthChannel, 2019. Pilates and Yoga – Health Benefits. Retrieved from

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