I Am Strong Challenge – Heat Things Up

With the weather getting a little worse, and morning and nights being a little colder and darker. Its important to keep the intensity up during the colder months. With our penultimate challenge, we challenge you to heat things up a little. Whether its your own circuit or a class which increases your heart rate a little bit more, it will keep you warm during the colder months.

There are a number of increasing benefits of increasing your heart rate for your long term health.

  • Research has shown that by increasing your heart on a regular basis can lead to a prolonged, healthier lifestyle [1]
  • It allows your heart to pump blood, therefore oxygen more effectively around the body [1]
  • It helps with your brain functions, by being more active, it will increase the blood flow to brain. In turn this will allow you to focus much more clearly [2]
  • By increasing your heart rate, it helps to release the hormone endorphins, which help to boost your mood, and allowing you to feel more relaxed [3]

With these positive correlations between healthier heart and increase activity. We challenge you increase your heart rate a little more than you originally do. At what is most comfortable for you. Check in with your gym buddy to see if they are wanting to try the challenge!

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