Our Women in Fitness’s Achievements

Today we wanted to share some of our members’ inspiring fitness stories to encourage and celebrate Women in Fitness’s achievements.


Happy International Women’s Day!


Our aim is to support everyone to feel comfortable in the gym environment, which is why we:

  • Provide ladies only areas at some of our gyms
  • Ensure there’s always separate spaces that allow for a more private workout
  • Monitor gym behaviour so all members enjoy working out


It’s also why from today onwards we’ll be providing free sanitary items at all of our gyms!


These will be placed behind reception or in the office for those who need them to request, because we know no-one wants to get caught out mid workout.




Two years ago I made joining Simply Gym my New Years resolution and two years on this is only the beginning!!


Starting at simply gym Swindon East in January 2021, I was absolutely terrified. I was worried I was doing exercises wrong or that people would be laughing at me for looking the way I did. I started only using the upstairs corner of the gym so that people wouldn’t see me. 


Eventually I signed up for a class and cancelled twice before I managed to get myself in there! The girls teaching the classes were so kind and friendly and I spent a year working on my weight loss.


I then joined the team of my Amazing trainer Ali! He’s taught me so much, and we have worked hard together to get me in the shape that I am now! 

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I started going to the gym when I was 15 years old – nearly 10 years ago, after a 2 year battle with bulimia. After gaining weight and learning more about how the gym can benefit us mentally and physically I wanted to inspire others so I decided to go to college and qualify as a personal trainer.

I qualified as a PT in 2016. Throughout my time in the fitness industry I always dreamed of competing in bodybuilding and becoming the next Ms. Olympia. I watched a bodybuilding show and decided to take action upon my goals. I competed in bodybuilding in 2018, my first show, I came 1st and 2nd place in 2 categories. Bodybuilding was an incredible experience to see how my body could adapt with extreme levels of exercise and dieting, however it took a huge toll on my mental health and wasn’t sustainable for me.


I will always value my experience in bodybuilding, it took a lot of mental strength and discipline but I was a very sad young girl. Towards the end of my journey I barely recognised my reflection and I realised I wasn’t doing this for myself, I was doing it in the hope I would be more accepted by others, which I eventually realised after digging deep within my mind.


I was putting my body through so much, for all of the wrong reasons. It’s been 4 years since my body building competition and I have done a lot of self reflection. I’ve accepted I will most likely not step on stage again, because bodybuilding wasn’t for me, but at least I tried and I will always hold the experience close to my heart. 


The one thing that has never changed during my 10 years of lifting is lifting HEAVY. When I lift heavy weights and get PB’s the self satisfaction doesn’t compare to anything else for me, it takes me to a different place and I’m always left feeling content. 


My PB’s are currently 

Squat: 150kg

Deadlift: 180kg 

Bench: 75kg


These are PB’s from my training over the years with the goal of hypertrophy. 


I’m currently on a powerlifting plan and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the future????????


Happy international women’s day! ????????✨

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Is Simply Gym Cheltenham’s longest member! Her whole family have been members. She has struggled with long Covid but Simply is her happy place and she really values the group exercise vive to keep her motivated.

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Is Cheltenham’s second longest member, training and classes are a huge part of her life. She is a total early bird and is seen down here every morning at 6am if not earlier.

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Thought I’d do a little comparison picture… this is me 8 years ago, after the birth of my second child, Delilah. 


I gained a lot of weight while pregnant, both times. But both times I lost it again after, usually by not the healthiest of means e.g. living on diet shakes and running a lot. 

Like a lot of females, I’ve had a pretty disordered view on eating most of my life, but with weight training and learning to fuel my body and thinking of food as fuel, I’ve managed to gain a much healthier relationship with food. 


I’m 36 this year, a single working mum with two kids and I feel like I’m truly in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically. Anything is achievable with hard work, dedication and consistency ❤️





I attend simply gym cheltenham. I am 43 with 4 children and have stage 4 incurable cancer, and will have for life!
I have chemotherapy every 3 weeks which I also will do for life. I want to show that it doesn’t have to mean that your life is over with a life limiting disease. Training for me is a massive part of my life, even though sometimes it hard to fit it in with 4 children, but I make it a priority, because I know how important it is in all aspects of my life.
I weight train 4 times a week and also do Brazilian jujitsu & MMA, I’m not this fragile thing that’s associated with having cancer. I am strong mentally and physically with the strongest mindset going!


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