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Fri 18 Oct, 2019

5 Things To Bring To The Gym

What do you need in your gym bag?

The burning question, there are a variety things that you think that you need. Shampoo, conditioner, change of clothess…

For us here at Simply Gym, we look at the 5 things we think you will need to enhance your workout!

  • Trainers

Make sure you take the perfect pair of trainers. Its important to feel comfortable whilst working out. Without the correct trainers, this can cause injuries that you may not of realised. It’s important they are supporting you in the correct way. Services are now available which the perfect trainer can be found for you. In turn allowing for optimal performance to be achieve.

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  • Gym Clothes

Furthermore, ensure that you are in gym clothes that are both comfortable and practical. By ensuring you are in the most comfortable clothes will allow you to optimise your performance and enjoy your workout without any distractions.

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  • Headphones

If you are on your own. Have a good pair of headphones, by having the right music playing, research has shown that it can increase your performance. Therefore allowing you to reach new PBs that you never thought possible.

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  • Reusable Water Bottle

It has become of increasing importance to use more reusable products in our daily life with the increase environmental crisis which is going on. We therefore believe its essential to bring a water bottle along allowing you to keep hydrated during your workout, whilst caring for the environment at the same time.

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  • Towel

Being environmentally aware again, when working out, make sure to bring a towel to wipe down instead of using tissue!

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With all the essentials, make sure the bag you are putting everything is durable and long-lasting, Moreover, make sure it can fit everything in it! After you have all your essentials on board, pop down to your local Simply Gym and check out our facilities. Memberships starting from just £16.99!