5 Tips to Achieve Fitness Goals in the Cost of Living Crisis

We know the feeling well, trapped between the desire to do something and the limits of your ability. The cost of living crisis is one that has hit us all, but that doesn’t mean we want to invest less in ourselves. In fact, it may mean we want to invest more for mental health reasons so below we let you in on 5 tips to achieve fitness goals in the cost of living crisis.

Even if we said “run outside” or “follow free workout videos” we know that wouldn’t result in the same success rate of your fitness goals as having a gym membership. The reality is, to pay for something incentivises you to use it. You also join a gym for more than just the exercises you can do there. It’s the range of equipment, social aspect, fitness classes, or the focus you get with having a separate relaxation space and designated ‘you time’.


Here are 5 tips to save you money without having to give up all those wonderful things:


1 – Join now to save.


It’s more than likely you’re going to pass up on the best offer for a while if you decide to wait. You’ll also waste time and miss out on the most motivating time of the year to get your health in shape. Choose a gym that prioritises cutting costs and not the quality of the service (like we do) is also recommended to make the most of your membership fee.


2 – Fitness apps


Our best advice to achieve fitness goals in the cost of living crisis would be to find a fitness app with a whole bunch of free workouts in. Ensure that they are the kind that suit your ability and lifestyle so you can fit them in your routine (just like ours).


3 – Meal planning and prep.


Get ahead of the week by organising your shopping and meals at the weekend, saving you time during the week. Buy your ingredients in bulk that can be frozen or stored to saves precious pennies too. When you’ve planned out every meal you’re less likely to cave by ordering in.


4 – Energy and getting up earlier.


Money Supermarket has found peak electricity hours (8am-10pm) are more expensive if you’re on a time-of-use tariff. If you switch to one of these tariffs and use electricity in off-peak hours, you could wake up a bit earlier and get stuff done before 8am to save money. As others sleep you find yourself making days more productive. Whatever you choose to do with this extra time is up to you! Already work outside of these times? Switch tariffs now. 


5 – Buddy Up.


Swap your 1-2-1 personal trainer sessions for ones with a partner to save you money and give you more reasons to exercise. This is an excellent way to ensure you achieve fitness goals thanks to the knowledge of an expert but you also lessen the affects of the cost of living crisis. What’s more you’ll gain a friend and enjoy the journey to your goals. Many of our PTs offer these services and it halves the price of your usual sessions.


Start saving without compromising on the quality of your gym by signing up here…

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