Body Pump Walsall

Bodypump Walsall

Let’s pump pump pump it up with our Body Pump Walsall classes. You may be Les Mills biggest fan and so are we! But we want to bring the very best classes from Simply Gym with our Body Pump Walsall Classes.

Simply Body Pump classes are weight based classes aiming to tone and strengthen the body. Our classes involve using low weights with a high number of repetitions helping to improve your toning and muscle endurance. The main exercises included in a Body Pump class are full body workouts which include, squats, bicep curls, and lunges designed to work your whole body. All of the exercises are performed using light weights so they are suitable for everyone to get involved in no matter your age or your lifting capabilities.

Outcomes from the class:

Like with all exercise classes, if the correct procedures are executed, you can expect to see results that are very noticeable. The class is designed to help you with your weight loss, improve your stamina and muscle endurance while effectively toning your body. Finally, it provides you with an improvement to your overall health and fitness.
The progress that you expect to see with our Body Pump Walsall classes may seem slow and you may feel your not seeing a difference. However, this is not the case, patience is vitally important and as the saying goes ‘good things come to those who wait. Everyone is uniquely different, so don’t allow yourself to become downhearted.

Body Pump Walsall
Body Pump Walsall

Body Pump Walsall: Timetable

Our Body Pump Classes occur on different days and times in the week. At Simply Gym we ensure you can fully get involved in our active class. Be sure to watch this space for the release of our complete timetable for our new Simply Gym Walsall!

Body Pump Walsall: Studio

The studio space is large and welcomes anyone of various abilities, sizes, ages and fitness levels to try out our Body Pump Classes in Walsall. Don’t worry about the need to bring equipment because at Simply Gym we have you covered. All Body Pump classes are fully equipped with the mats, weight bars and benches needed. Our class is suitable for beginners and the intermediate body pumpers to all have a fun. It’s gives the opportunity to learn from each other and make new friends in our ever growing Simply Gym community.

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Finding our Body Pump Classes in Walsall

Our Body Pump Classes can be found at our Simply Gym in Walsall! Our new gym that is opening where the trampoline park used to be in; Olron House, Bentley Mill Way, Walsall, WS2 0BX


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