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Looking for a challenge? Want to know how far you can push yourself and your fitness limits? We offer exciting and fast-paced Fitness Bootcamp Swindon
Offering an unbeatable experience, our Bootcamp in Swindon will keep your heart-rate pumping and your endorphins rushing around your body. Whether it’s weight loss, endurance or strength you’re looking to achieve; our friendly and functional bootcamp will give you results and make you feel great! Our weekly outdoor Bootcamp in Swindon can offer the knowledge, expertise, support and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals.

HIIT workout at Simply Gym - Fitness Bootcamp
Bootcamp at in the Park - Simply Gym Bootcamp

A different workout every week!

Whether you’re new to the gym, wanting to challenge yourself physically, or training for a specific sports event; Personal Trainers are a helpful and rewarding part of your fitness journey. Through your training, you build up a working relationship with your trainer as they educate and encourage you toward your fitness goals through monitoring your progress along the way.

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Held by one of our top PTs, Matt Glover, our Bootcamp in Swindon is a group exercise session which is held outside with no two sessions being the same. Although many members refer to this as a “Fitness Bootcamp”, our sessions are never intimidating, and are fun and effective!

We offer a highly effective HIIT Training session that motivates you and the group to do your best and achieve great results. Once you try our Bootcamp, we promise you’ll be back for more!

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Bootcamp in Swindon – when and where?

Our Bootcamp in Swindon is held on Friday mornings at 7am for a duration of 45 minutes. If you’re game to start your Friday with a heart-pumping group exercise session outside, then our Bootcamp may just be the right one for you!

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