Thu 21 Nov, 2013

Busting Those Bingo Wings!

Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has done a lot of great work as First Lady.She’s encouraged children to adopt healthier diets and has supported her husbandas he takes on the most stressful job in the world. But she’s also made an inadvertent impact on the fitness world with her greatest feature – her arms. We can’t take our eyes off them,and Michelle’s lean and just-muscular-enough arms have become the envy of women around the world and have inspired thousands to finally tackle that upper arm flab.

But what’s the best way to bust the bingo wings and get those perfect Obamarms? Bingo wings are a difficult area to tackle, but with a good tricep routine combined with a healthy diet, the fat should melt away and the muscle will tone up to give you a great excuse to wear a sleeveless dress.

The most effective upper arm exercises usually need weights – but don’t worry about hulking out. For many women, weight work is all about muscle toning and is an important part of your routine. Great tricep weight exercises include bicep and tricep curls, upright rows, simultaneous arm lifts and overhead extensions. As you build up your arm strength, make your weights heavier – your arms should feel tired after 20 reps of each exercise, a sure sign they’re toning up!

There are also plenty of non-weights exercises out there for your arms – the dreaded press up is one of them. An easier option is a tricep bench dip. 3 sets of 15 reps a day will make those arms lean and mean in no time!

If you don’t like the idea of reps and routines, there are great all-round exercises that will tone up problem arms alongside the rest of your body. Skipping is one of the highest calorie burners out there, and will constantly work your arms up to perfection. Another great option is swimming, particularly breast stroke and front crawl. A combination of movement and resistance will burn up your arm fat quickly and tone and strengthen your triceps.

If you’re stuck for time, there are plenty of everyday activities you can squeeze into your life that will help your arms. Pick a shopping basket instead of a trolley when grabbing the groceries, and don’t avoid lifting things around the house – this is all good for the arms!

As with most problem areas, it’s all about a balance of diet and targeted exercise. Bingo wings don’t have to stop you from daring to bare, just incorporate a few tricep exercises into your routine and you’ll be waving goodbye to arm wobbles.

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