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Aries (March 21 – April 19) “Aries are very energetic. With so much pent up energy, Aries are not at all likely to be seen schmoozing at the gym. They’re in, they’re sweating and they’re out. We recommend targeting that vitality at the cross-trainer before attempting a more sociable workout.” Aries Workout: Cross – trainer […]

Top 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Daily Dose of Fitspiration!

Now and then, even the most dedicated gym goer needs a bit of inspiration to keep them on track to achieving their goals. Instagram is one of the best places to do just that. Here are 8 of our favourite profiles that help keep our motivation levels sky high, and the fitness flame burning strong: […]

Getting Started with Flexibility Training: The Couch Stretch

In the world of fitness training, flexibility is one of those things that often gets neglected. A bit like core work, for most people it’s at best an afterthought to their main workout – lifting heavy weights or heading out for a run. But the truth is, if you want to maintain your health and […]

10 Ways You Know You’re a Regular Gym Goer

Once you become a regular gym goer, you also become familiar with the rules and boundaries, or at least how to practise common gym etiquette. 1. You start getting annoyed when you see those “new year, new me” statuses: MrWGifs 2. You take it personally when your usual car parking space has been taken by an […]

What is the Best Time to go to Sleep?

Good quality sleep is an important part of the health puzzle. It’s during sleep that the body rejuvenates and recovers from the rigours of the previous day. Without it we would be unable to function properly in everyday life. Despite its importance, for many of us the secret to good sleep remains a mystery. We’re […]

Best Foods to Eat Before and After Exercise

It’s been said that staying fit and healthy comes down to around 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Whilst the exact numbers are up for debate, the fact remains that your dietary choices are an important part of the equation. The food you eat before and after your workouts will determine how much energy you have […]

Getting Started with Strength Training: Deadlifts

The deadlift is often hailed as being the king of all strength-training movements, and for good reason. Although it appears to involve nothing more than simply lifting a barbell off the floor and placing it back down again, there’s much more to it than that… Why Deadlift? Simply put, the deadlift is one of the […]

Success Story: John O’Riordan

Our latest success story involves one of our Simply Gym Cheltenham members, John O’Riordan. After taking up powerlifting as a hobby in 2009, John decided to enter some local competitions. By 2011, John had won several local competitions and was soon selected to represent England in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Games in Bournemouth. After winning an […]