Full Fat vs Low-Fat Foods

Fat has been a controversial topic in the world of nutrition for many years. In the 1980s, low-fat diets became popular to lose weight and improve health. However, more recent research shows that not all fats are created equal and that some fats, such as those found in nuts, seeds, and oily fish, are actually beneficial […]

Eliminating The Barriers to Exercise: National Fitness Day Blog

This year’s National Fitness Day has the aim to remind people that this day is just one step in making physical activity a part of your daily life or rather, creating a fitness lifestyle. Which is why we thought we’d look at eliminating the barriers to exercise to help you be active on National Fitness […]

The Difference Between Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Personal Trainers get asked about the distinction between weight loss and fat loss often. Many embark on their fitness journey aiming to see a lower number on the scale, but it’s essential to understand that not all weight loss is good, and not all weight gain is bad.   Weight Loss: The Broad Picture   […]

Men’s Health Week: Infertility and Where to Get Help

For Men’s Health Week our gyms are sharing factual and helpful information on all kinds of men’s health problems. From checking for testicular cancer to mental health, here we explore one issue that isn’t openly talked about when related to health issues and fitness: Infertility and Where to Get Help.   Male Fertility Factors   […]

Our Women in Fitness’s Achievements

Today we wanted to share some of our members’ inspiring fitness stories to encourage and celebrate Women in Fitness’s achievements.   Happy International Women’s Day!   Our aim is to support everyone to feel comfortable in the gym environment, which is why we: Provide ladies only areas at some of our gyms Ensure there’s always […]

15 Protein Packed Pancake Recipes

Pancake Day is almost upon us and we’ve collected our favourite recipes for you that will compliment your fitness.   We’re not talking standard protein powder pancake batter and low-fat, unprocessed or reduced sugar toppings. These are ones you probably haven’t tried before and will get your taste buds tingling. Let’s dig in, here’s our […]

5 Tips to Achieve Fitness Goals in the Cost of Living Crisis

We know the feeling well, trapped between the desire to do something and the limits of your ability. The cost of living crisis is one that has hit us all, but that doesn’t mean we want to invest less in ourselves. In fact, it may mean we want to invest more for mental health reasons […]

How to Make Your Resolutions Last All Year

If you haven’t been able to make your resolutions last all year in the past, then perhaps it’s your mindset or planning that’s caused it to fail. We look into how the differences between having a resolution or goal can affect this. In addition to exploring how to do this and offer tips for success […]

Gym Advice for Mental Health

This year, Simply Gym decided we would put on an awareness week for mental health not just once but twice! One back in May and the other before World Mental Health Day in October. Both times we did so with the aim of showing how being a gym member can help you cope and combat […]

What Does Fitness Mean to Us, Simply Gym?

Cheyrl - Simply Gym PT

For this year’s National Fitness Day we’re not just spreading awareness of fitness’ importance in life for just one day, we’re doing a whole week of it. Each of our gyms are doing this in unique ways for our members in club, but Simply Gym HQ thought this would be a good opportunity to share […]