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Thu 24 Jan, 2019

Compliment Yourself – I am Strong Challenge February

Compliment Yourself More

For many gym goers’, it can be hard not to compare yourself to everyone around you. Fear not, I’m the same as you consistently judging myself against other people. Looking at how many likes you get on Instagram, or not having the perfect body. The importance of the ‘perfect body’ has become a main stream understanding due to increased social media influence and not being able to put down our phones (Brown & Graham, 2008). It, therefore, has become increasingly harder to compliment oneself. This is where our second I am Strong Challenge comes in.

woman looking in mirror

The I am Strong Challenge

Our February challenge is to compliment yourself more. It can often be hard to not look yourself in the mirror and feel that you are judging yourself against everyone around you. This month we are asking you to take on the challenge to make sure to give yourselves compliments daily. Take a step back from the phone and start looking after yourself. Whether it is simply smiling at yourself for completing that circuit or killer spin class. It could be something smaller like making it to the gym when you were struggling to get up for the day. Those smaller victories are the important steps towards a happy and healthier you, and you deserve to compliment yourself on them.

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