We've tried to answer as many queries as we can here, in our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at customerservice@simplygym.co.uk and we will try and help the best we can.

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries please get in contact with us at: customerservice@simplygym.co.uk or through our social media channels which can be found below

Simply Gym HQ or alternatively through your gyms facebook page at:

Simply Gym Bedford
Simply Gym Cheltenham
Simply Gym Crewe
Simply Gym Coventry – Earl Place
Simply Gym Kettering
Simply Gym Swindon East
Simply Gym Swindon West
Simply Gym Walsall

Emails and telephone numbers are available to contact for each club. These can be found on the gym’s pages.

Yes, if you have any issues, or have an issue with your payments, please email us at customerservice@simplygym.co.uk

Equipment and Facilities

Yes, every new member will receive a free induction session to show you how to use the equipment. We strongly recommend an induction if you have not been a member of a gym before.

Yes we provide comfortable changing facilities which include showers, toilets, hairdryers and plug sockets (for those who like to bring their own appliances).

Yes, you can purchase a padlock at Simply Gym or bring your own. Lockers are located in the changing rooms and on the gym floor and are only to be used for the duration of your training session.
Each Simply Gym is different. Whilst we are keen to cut out the unnecessary frills, some clubs do have spa areas. Please contact the individual club, or check the club webpage, for details.
Most of our gyms have sunbeds – please ask your receptionist for more details. Members must have reached the age of 18 to use our sunbeds.

Yes, we offer lots of free parking at every Simply Gym. Please ask in club for a parking permit/registration entry information to avoid charges.

Yes we do! We offer a wide variety of classes, all of which are included in your membership. See our studio timetables for a view of what we offer.

Yes, details of our personal trainers can be found on each club’s page!
Unlike other budget gyms, we supply paper towels in each gym because we want to keep the gyms as tidy, as safe and as comfortable as possible.

My First Visit

On your first entry, please come in during staffed hours (6am-9pm weekdays & 8am-4pm weekends) for our 24 hour clubs, and opening hours for our non 24 clubs.

We will then set up your fingerprint access, take a photo and give you any further information you may require. 

When completed, this will be the way you enter, when pressing your fingerprint for access. Please press down firmly, flat and still for around 2 secs, the light above the gate should go from a red cross to a green arrow. 

Our sites are staffed by PTs and a manager during daytime hours. Our 24hr sites use remotely monitored CCTV out of hours.
Please ensure members around you are aware. Please do not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks or imagery to the internet that could identify another Member.

The Joining Process

It’s a really simple process, you can either join online by clicking on the JOIN NOW button from the main menu. Choose the Gym you want to join, choose your membership type and away you go. You’ll be a member in just a few simple steps. Or you can visit your nearest Simply Gym and join at the gym.

If you experience problems while trying to join, please give us a call, email us or visit your local club and we’ll sign you up.

Memberships starts from £22.99 a month. Membership includes full use of all of our facilities, including the spa (if there is one at your local club), classes and hands-on advice.

We do offer a multi-site option for specific gyms, for an additional charge. Please email your local gym regarding prices.

No catch! We pride ourselves in delivering a high quality service to every member, at a very low and affordable price. Our customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from any other gym. You won’t be tied into a contract 

You can try out the gym for day with day passes which can be purchased for £7.99

Canceling your membership is just as straightforward as signing up. You have the flexibility to terminate your contract once it reaches its completion. Please keep in mind that cancellation requires 6-10 working days’ notice before the next direct debit payment is due. Cancellations within this timeframe may result in an administrative charge. We recommend that you reach out to your local club before initiating your cancellation.

For any issues related to your direct debit, please contact Ashbourne, who will be ready to assist you through this link: https://ashbourne-memberships.com/members-contact/

You can review our abbreviated Terms and Conditions here: https://simplygym.co.uk/terms-conditions/ These terms are covered in more detail during the sign-up process.

Either party has the option to cancel the membership: (a) at the end of the Minimum Membership Period, with at least 1 month’s notice to their bank, or (b) at any time thereafter, also with at least 1 month’s notice.

If we decide to adjust your monthly subscription after the Minimum Membership Period, we will notify you at least one month before the new rate takes effect. You have the right to terminate your membership if you disagree with the new monthly subscription. If you choose not to terminate your membership, the new monthly subscription will become payable from the date specified in the notification, which will be at least 1 month after the notice is issued.

(For more information, please refer to your Terms and Conditions.)

Our referral process is available through our app. 

Your first payment will consist of your joining fee and your first month’s membership and will be taken by direct debit by Ashbourne on one of four dates throughout the month (1st,9th,17th or 24th)

All direct debits will show as Ashbourne Managment. Any queries, please contact them here: https://ashbourne-memberships.com/members-contact/

Yes, we provide a free half hour group induction given by a qualified trainer, in which we will show you how to operate the equipment, should you require this. You can book this induction session when you join or on your first visit to the club. The induction is not compulsory for those who are frequent gym users.
Our age policy is 16+. We cannot accept anyone under the age of 16.


 Any direct debit issues, such as accidentally cancelling, change of details, change of collection date or bounced payments please contact ASHBOURNE here: https://ashbourne-memberships.com/member-portal-2/ or email on: memberships@ashbournemanagement.co.uk

Please also email us at customerservice@simplygym.co.uk and we can assist with any issues where possible.

Yes we offer a freeze facility free of charge for up to 3 months.
Please note we require a minimum of 14 days notice to freeze your membership and this can only be offered in line with your usual payment dates. Please contact ashbourne here: https://ashbourne-memberships.com/member-portal-2/ or email on: memberships@ashbournemanagement.co.uk and they will be able to freeze. Any large freeze can be given under exceptional circumstances, please email customerservice@simplygym.co.uk and we can assist. 

Annual memberships, where advertised, are available at a substantially discounted rate so are therefore non-refundable. You can however still freeze your account in case of illness or injury.

Please see our abbreviate T&Cs here for Ashbourne:
https://simplygym.co.uk/terms-health-commitment-declaration-ashbourne/ which are highlighted in depth when signing up.


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