We've tried to answer as many questions as possible - if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact your local club.


Yes we provide comfortable changing facilities which include showers, toilets, hairdryers and plug sockets (for those who like to bring their own).

Yes, you can purchase a padlock at Simply Gym or bring your own. Lockers are located in the changing rooms and on the gym floor and are only to be used for the duration of your training session.

Yes we do! We offer a wide variety of classes, all of which are included in membership. See our studio timetables for a view of what we offer.

Each Simply Gym is different. Whilst we are keen to cut out the unnecessary frills, some clubs do have spa areas. Please contact the individual club, or check the club webpage, for details.

Yes, all clubs have plenty of free parking!

Yes, details of our personal trainers can be found on each club’s page!


Yes, the membership application form on the website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted and your personal and banking details will be kept private.

Your first payment will consist of your joining fee and your first month’s membership and will be taken on the day you join via debit or credit card. Direct debit payments will then commence from one month later.

The payment will show up as ‘Harlands’ on your bank statement. This is the company that handle the direct debit set up and collection for Simply Gym.

Yes, this will be issued to you on your first visit to the club.

Yes, we provide a free half hour group induction given by a qualified trainer, in which we will show you how to operate the equipment, should you require this. You can book this induction session when you join or on your first visit to the club. The induction is not compulsory for those who are frequent gym users.

Yes we do, even though our membership fees are so low we can always do something to make your workforce/team a healthier one. We require a minimum of 10 people from any association to enter into the scheme. Please see your local club's manager to discuss this option further.

Yes a day pass can be bought from reception for £6 or a class can be attended for £5.


Any direct debit issues, such as accidently cancelling, change of details, change of collection date or bounced payments please contact HARLANDS on 01444 449166. Harlands handle all direct debit queries for Simply Gym.

Cancelling is as simple as joining up. If you are on a monthly contract, once your first payment has cleared you are free to cancel at any time. Simply do this via your bank who can terminate your Direct Debit. Cancellation of a direct debit is the responsibility of the member. If you are on a 12 month contract the price is so good, we do expect you to make all 12 payments! However we are able to cancel your membership early if your circumstances change to prevent gym usage (proof may be required). Please contact the club manager if this is the case.

Yes, the joining fee will be required in order to cover the cost of getting a new direct debit set up and your membership active. You are technically a new member to the gym.

For those members who may be students travelling back and forth between terms or for people who need to stop for a while, we offer a freezing option for your monthly memberships rather than you having to cancel and rejoin each time. Freezing is available free of charge for a maximum of 3 months. The months you wish to freeze must be stated upon request. This request must be put in email to the club with 10 working days notice.

Annual memberships, where advertised, are available at a substantially discounted rate so are therefore non-refundable. You can however still freeze your account in case of illness or injury.

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