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Fri 27 Oct, 2017

Get as strong as the God of Thunder!

With the release of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, Chris Hemsworth is in better shape than ever! Some might be jealous, but for those of you who strive to look like the God of Thunder himself, here are some of the movements Chris used.

The Pull-Up.

Thor often needs to pull himself out of situations as well as lift his hammer; the pull up is essential for building a bigger, stronger back.

The Bench Press.

Doing bench press is essential for building your chest. Without a strong chest, Thor would struggle in pushing his enemies away from him in a fight. Cable flies are also a great way to broaden your chest, one way Thor makes himself look so mighty.

The Back Squat.

The back squat builds stronger legs, strengthens your back, and engages your core, three things Thor needs in a fight. To avoid his opponent, Thor often needs to jump or dive out of the way, which wouldn’t be possible without powerful legs.

The Arnold Press.

Thor’s most important assets are his shoulders, without strong shoulders, he would not be able to wield his hammer and defeat his enemies. The Arnold press defines and builds your shoulders to help you lift heavy objects.

And it’s as easy as that…