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Thu 19 Apr, 2018

Gym-goers Guide to Gym Etiquette

The Unspoken Rules

Going to the gym to workout or take your favourite class is always a relief. It’s your safe place where you can let off some steam, and feel refreshed and energised afterwards. The gym, just like any other space which is open to members of the public, does have some regulation to it, though. There are some unspoken rules that should be upheld when in different areas of the gym. These are just simple manners that mean everyone can have a pleasant gym experience.

Here are some general protocols that everyone should consider in the gym:

Give it A Wipe-Down

Sweat baby, sweat baby… It’s normal to sweat during and after a great workout. However, almost a fifth of people neglect to wipe down machines and equipment after use, and fail to consider others using the machines after them. No one wants to be sitting or lying in sweat, even if it’s their own. So it’s always best to clean up before someone else uses the equipment. Some gyms have disinfectant spray or wipes that you can use, too. That way, not everyone will have to bear the brunt of your intense workout.

gym-goers guide gym etiquette

Keep your Distance

Having your own space to workout in the gym is always good. Having the space to carry out your reps with no one in the way is a definite bonus. For some gym-goers, standing in front of the mirror is a way for them to spot their form. It’s polite to acknowledge that if someone is exercising in front of the mirror, you don’t obstruct them by standing in the way, or too close, which could lead an injury to both parties. This can be tricky in a crowded gym, but it’s something to avoid wherever you can.

Save the selfies for the bathroom

There’s no shame in taking a selfie when at the gym. It’s a way of letting your friends, family and followers know that you’re staying in great shape and enjoying a fantastic workout. However, you should consider that your fellow gym-goers may not want to be in the background of your photo or video while doing their workout – not everyone is as comfortable documenting their hard work. Considerate gymmers will wait until there’s no one around, or the gym is quiet for the opportunity to take a snap and update their instagram story. On the other hand, others take them whilst at a busy station or sometimes during their workout! This can annoy others who are just trying to finish their workout in peace and, understandably, don’t want to be seen in a sweaty state.

gym-goers guide gym etiquette

Patience is a virtue

You’re not the only one who’s got a gym membership and trying to finish their workout. Waiting patiently and politely for someone to finish up on equipment that you want to use is safer for both of you. By standing behind or next to someone whilst their doing their reps, it can make them feel uncomfortable or rushed; this could possibly put them at risk of injury. If someone’s already using a machine you want to use, try looking for another option whilst they finish. Yes, you will encounter some inconsiderate people, but the majority of other members will happily let you use the equipment once they’ve finished.

Put it back

When you finish your reps and are ready to step away from the rack or equipment station, it’s common courtesy to put things back. Even if you’re tired after your reps, take your time and, when you have some energy, put the equipment you’ve used back. Leaving weights and equipment out can mislead others into thinking space is being used – or they could trip over it. If you have any questions about where equipment goes, you can ask any of staff member or PT at hand. They’ll be more than happy to help.