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Wed 7 Aug, 2019

How Music Helps With Cardio

How can music help with cardio?

Often when going to the gym, you need the perfect playlist. There has been ongoing research that has shown the positive impact a music can have on your cardio workout [1]. According to research, it has been indicated that music can alter your brain chemistry [1]. It has been indicated by this research that by listening to music can. Make sure to try your new playlist at Simply Gym during your cardio session. Memberships starting from £16.99!

Causes people to exercise in a certain heart rate zone [1]

By having certain music will allow you maintain a certain level of intensity, therefore it is more likely to stay at the certain level for longer [1]. Therefore, this means that you will be able to push yourself more than you previously thought, all through the power of music [1]!

People performing a cardio warm up before workout

Pain Reduction [2]

According to a study in 2013. It has been shown that by listening to music has helped as a distraction from aches and pains that are normal [2]. It won’t help ease the pain for chronic pain, but it may help to ease the slight pains that you may help [2]. Therefore leading to a much more successful workout.

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Makes time go quicker [2]

By having your favourite songs on, the time is much more likely to go quicker [2]. Therefore it is likely you will complete a workout much quicker than you actually think. Also as the same time enjoying it, leading you to come back for more [2].

Bass and lyrics can effect your pace [3]

Further research has shown that if have a certain level of bass within your music, you are more likely to have an effective workout in what you are training for [3]. It has also been researched that certain lyrics can have a profound affect on the way they motivate you [3]. If the statements are motivating, it is more likely to keep going [3].


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