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Thu 16 Aug, 2018

How to Stay Motivated as a Mum: Hayley Woolnough

We spoke to Hayley our marathon runner about how she stays as a motivated mum each day to maintain her fitness regime. She gives us her top 5 tips that can help any mum who finds it difficult to make time to train.

Hi, I’m Hayley, I’m a mum of 4 and I’ve been asked by the guys at Simply Gym to share with you a few tips on finding the time to train.

Train early:

A few things that work for me is definitely I find training early is definitely a winner for me. It’s the time of day when I know I can get my sessions in without being interrupted by general life or one or other children sort of cropping up. Or, they might be at an after-school club and it can over-run, and then that section of time has suddenly gone. Or you’re just generally tired because of the day, and mum duties and things like that.

Motivated Mum - Simply Gym

Try to be consistent:

Another thing that has worked for me is finding the time in the day that you know is consistently there. We have a dog, and obviously every day she needs a walk so I combine my runs with her walk time. Now she runs with me, it just helps because you know every day she’s going to need to go out and she is going to need a walk. So on the run days, it is definitely something I can keep consistently doing because it has to happen every day.


Book an energising group session:

Then on the days when I am back at the gym, I find that booking the sessions I love, starting the day with the spin class, and you know with the music it’s like a mum’s disco and I always think with the 4 children and the business I don’t normally get out much. But you can go down there and get really motivated and on a high for the rest of the day. I always say to book sessions, lay all your clothes out the night before and you know this is something that really works for me.

Motivated Mum - Simply Gym

Set goals and start small:

Another thing that I found over the years you know where I have been running, exercising and going to the gym, is to have small goals. I started running with the catch to 5K’s, obviously, my first goal was to complete the 8-week course. Then as I progressed as a runner, I find that having the goal of the marathon earlier on the year was a great motivator to squeeze in that section of the day for yourself.


Find an exercise choice that you enjoy

I am 50, so I’m quite a middle-aged sort of woman, so the thought of getting injured I knew that I had to sort of up my game. I would include the weight sessions and pilates as well is another thing I really enjoy. So I guess it makes me squeeze it into the day as well because it gives me a lot of pleasure and it is something that for 30 minutes or 40 minutes of the day. It is pretty hectic most days with the children and the salon and that, life is obviously full on. But it’s just a section of the day that is mine, and it makes me sort of find the time because I know that through it I’m obviously improving my health and my wellbeing for the family and it keeps me in shape. So I hope these tips have helped.