I am Strong Challenge – Pack Your Fitness Schedule -April

For our April I am Strong Challenge we are looking for you to pack your fitness schedule. If you can, we want to see if you can plan five workouts a week.

We are challenging you to each week for the whole of April to plan 5 workouts a week. This can include small runs, quick ab circuits, a dance class.  This is where the importance of goals comes into play.

Here are five reasons for the setting goals and the importance of schedules:

  1. It makes you more committed

Without realising your goals you hadn’t realised you could of met become clear because you are making time. This allows you to see results much more easily (Sinirich, [n.d]).

       2. You can track your progress

By scheduling you workouts. You can identify your progress in the certain areas which you are wanting to build and focus on (Sinirich, [n.d]).

       3. Allows you see results even when you are busy

By having these schedule in during you busy days. It allows you to still see results from the gym even when you are busy. By taking time out to run for ten minutes, you are allowing yourself to see the goals when would least expect them (Hayes, 2017).

4. It allows you to become more productive

By exercising more, you are more likely to sleep better and produce positive feelings. This will allow you to become more productive overall. Therefore leading to a much happier and healthier lifestyle (Hayes, 2017)

Make sure to take on our challenge and let us know how well you get on. If you want to find out more about gyms, and whats available. Make sure to check out our website at:  https://www.simplygym.co.uk for more information.


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Sinirich, J, [n.d]. The Power of Scheduling Your Workouts. https://aaptiv.com/magazine/scheduling-workouts

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