Importance of Consistency – #NationalLoyaltyDay

With today being #NationalLoyaltyDay. We want to advise you on the importance of consistency and long term benefits joining the gym can bring!

Scientific research has stated that the more consistent you are. The more likely you mental and physical health will improve (Cross, Gore and Morris, 2003). This is why at Simply Gym on #NationalLoyaltyDay we want to give three ways to help improve consistent. Whilst also remaining loyal to gym. Make sure to check out one of our gyms near you at:

  • Make sure to put in your schedule

There is ALWAYS time. Make sure to devote half an hour to an hour to yourself a day. It is important that you take time out for you. This could be squeezing in a quick jog or circuits in during your day. If you are able to, schedule it for up to 3 a week. From here improvements will begin to show

  • Make sure to change up your workouts

Often consistency can fail because the individual becomes bored. Make sure to make your workouts exciting. Include new routines in order to keep your interest in the gym

Kettlebell class at Simply Gym - Muscle building classes


  • Make sure to get enough sleep

Make sure to go to sleep a reasonable amount in order to maximise your workouts. By making sure you are sleeping probably. It will allow for more effective workouts. This will make you more consistent.

  • Sign up to a PT session

Though this can be daunting. Here at Simply Gym we have a wide range of PTs who can help you become more consistent and allow you to reach your goals! Make sure to check out them on our website!

Personal Trainer Helping with Technique - Simply Gym



Cross, S.E., Gore, J.S. and Morris, M.L., 2003. The relational-interdependent self-construal, self-concept consistency, and well-being. Journal of personality and social psychology85(5), p.933.

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