Cheltenham Club

Fri 3 May, 2013

Keep Going!

Naturally a lot of people join a gym in the early months of the year – looking to burn off the Christmas excess or as part of a New Year resolution. Around about now some of those people will begin to ease off on their training, or worse still stop completely! The spring sun, the clocks going forward, the smell of barbecues in the air can all make exercising more of a chore and far less appealing – but what a waste that would be! Think of all the effort that has been put into the first few months of the fitness regime, about now is the time that results start getting noticed.

If you aren’t seeing the results that you’d hoped for, then why not speak to a personal trainer? We see that many people aren’t training as effectively as they could and so sometimes taking some advice of the experts is very worthwhile. All of the personal trainers at all Simply Gyms are fully qualified and very happy to help with any questions you may have!

Another option is to vary your training. If you haven’t tried the fitness classes then why not give one a go? Take the body out of it’s comfort zone and try something new! Remember they’re included in your membership!

So keep the training up so hopefully next January you aren’t starting again – you’ve come this far now, keep going!!