Ladies Only Gym Coventry Earl Place

Ladies Only Gym Coventry Earl Place

Our Ladies Only Gym at Coventry Earl Place is designed to accommodate and cater for the needs all female Simply members. The designated private area allows all our Simply ladies to feel comfortable on the gym floor and have more confidence to work out. Furthermore, being accessible and hidden from the view of passersby it ensures that our members feel secure when training and not intimidated when entering the gym.

Comfortable Gym Environment:

Many women feel that training while men are present can be intimidating. This could weaken their confidence on the gym floor and maintaining a regular gym routine. If you feel the same, we encourage our female members to feel comfortable by exercising in our Ladies Only Gym in Coventry Earl Place. This is because it allows them to feel confident and have the freedom to complete their workout in an environment that will have them feeling more comfortable to want to work out in the gym and less intimidating.

The Ladies Only Gym Coventry Earl Place is fully equipped with a selection of cardio and resistance equipment. This ensures all members get the best gym experience in a relaxed environment. We want our members to achieve their goals, reach new goals and develop skills and workouts to achieve the unexpected. Some of our members prefer to train in private where they can feel confident and secure. However, some may be happy to train with everyone else in the more conventional way. No matter how you prefer to train our Ladies Only Gym in Coventry Earl Place has you covered.


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How to Find the Ladies Only Gym Coventry Earl Place

The Ladies Only Gym Coventry Earl Place is located within the new Simply Gym at
Earl Place Business Park, Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry, CV4 9XL
The ladies only gym is accessible through the ladies changing rooms within the gym ensuring that you feel comfortable and secure when working out.

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