Ladies Only Gym Walsall

Ladies only Gym Walsall

At Simply Gym Walsall, we want to be inclusive of all our members. This is why we have designated a Ladies Only Gym, especially for our female members. This private area is a safe haven for our all Simply ladies so they can feel comfortable and confident to work out. Our ladies only gym in Walsall is easily accessible and not visible to passersby so our members don’t feel intimidated when entering the gym area.

Ladies Only Gym Walsall
Ladies Only Gym Walsall

Comfortable Gym Atmosphere

For some women, training when men are present does not make them feel comfortable. Bearing this in mind we encourage them to come to our Ladies Only Gym in Walsall. They can then have the freedom to complete their workout in a calming environment and feel confident while training without feeling self-conscious of others who can seemingly be more intimidating.

The ladies only gym is equipped with a range of resistance and cardio equipment. This makes it perfect at ensuring our female members get the full gym experience in a relaxing and comfortable environment. We believe in our members and helping them to achieve their fitness goals, hit new PB’s and develop new skills. Whether our female members prefer to train in a private section where they can feel confident and comfortable or they just want to train in a private conventional gym, either way, our ladies Only Gym in Walsall has you covered.


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How to Find the Ladies Only Gym Walsall

Our ladies only Gym Walsall is located where the old Jump in trampoline park used to be, in Olron’s House. The ladies only gym is accessible through the ladies changing rooms ensuring that you feel comfortable when working out.

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