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Wed 7 Mar, 2018

Ladies Only Gym Clubs: Celebrating the #SimplyFamily

We love our #SimplyFamily! We are committed to helping our members achieve and smash their fitness goals! However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable in the typical gym environment, and it can be overwhelming too! So we thought we’d celebrate some of the women in our #SimplyFamily and highlight how and where our female members can gain access to the Ladies Only gym clubs that we’re providing at the majority of our clubs!

ladies only gym clubs simply gym

At Simply Gym, we want all our members to feel at home and as comfortable as possible. At some of our gyms, we  provide ladies only gym areas exclusively for our female members.Our ladies only gyms are designed for our female members who feel more relaxed working out in an environment where they can train in absolute confidence without feeling self-conscious. Our Ladies Only gym areas are easily accessible through the ladies changing rooms and can be used by any women who have access to the gym, whether this is a day pass or full membership. The spaces are available in our clubs in these areas:

It’s great to see so many women, who may have previously been too anxious and uncomfortable in the gym, using the space with confidence and making incredible progress. Today we’re celebrating your achievements!

Women-spirational PTs

We’re also celebrating our inspirational female PTs. As there are so many fantastic female PTs across each of the Simply Gym clubs it’s too difficult to pick specific people out – we admire them all! So as an example we’d like to mention the girls from Swindon: Alison, Ally and Gemma.

ladies only gym clubs simply gym

Just like all of the Female PTs at Simply, these three work incredibly hard to cater for everyone who comes to them for help, always giving excellent advice and encouragement whilst also balancing their busy and fitness filled lifestyles. Like many of our female PTs, they manage to juggle shifts on the gym floor, engaging sessions with clients, their own personal fitness routine and childcare!

Finally, we would like to mention all of the women who make their personal health and fitness a priority, and have over the years, changed the industry as a whole and ended the stigma around male-dominated fitness and sport! You’re all #SimplyTheBest!

ladies only gym clubs simply gym