Ladies Only Gym Coventry

Ladies Only Gym Coventry


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We at Simply Gym Coventry want to help all our #SimplyFamily to achieve their fitness goals and to become healthier and happier people. We always aim to do this through working together with them in making the gym and its environment as comfortable as possible to conduct workouts. We’ve put plenty of care and thought into our facilities; which is why we have a ladies-only gym area at our Coventry location.

Exercising in the Ladies only gym area - Simply Gym Coventry

Comfortable and Confident Workout Environment

We understand that when joining a new gym, certain areas can be daunting and intimidating for anyone. We don’t want any of our new female members to feel self-conscious when they come to the gym. Which is why we have set apart this private ladies-only area in Coventry for them to feel comfortable and safe.

Our Ladies Only Gym in Coventry is easily accessible through the ladies changing rooms and is not visible to other members or passersby. This allows our female members to access the gym without feeling judged or self-conscious about going into this exclusive gym area. The separate ladies only fitness gym is fully equipped with cardio, resistance equipment and free weights; so our female members can carry out their workouts with complete confidence and feel satisfied afterwards.

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Simply Gym Coventry: Our Ladies Only Gym

So, if you’re a female member who prefers to train in a private environment – or you just want to get away from the buzz of the main gym area, our Ladies Only Gym area Coventry has you covered. Arrange a visit to check out Simply Gym Coventry and everything we have to offer.

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