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Fri 28 Sep, 2018

National Cholesterol Month

It’s National Cholesterol Month this October, an entire month dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of high cholesterol. But what really is cholesterol and why is too much such a bad thing? Cholesterol is something our bodies all need, it forms the vital part of many of the cells in our body, but too much in your system can cause some serious problems. The Cholesterol can line your arteries with a fatty cover which can slow down your blood supply cause blood clots that could stop the flow of blood completely.

You would be surprised at how many of our everyday foods cholesterol can be found in and how having too much of that food you could be on the road to a health disaster. These days raising cholesterol awareness has become more of a significant factor for heart and circulatory disease so it is worth getting checked out and using our helpful food alternative guide below to be sure to keep your body Simply loved.

Foods to Avoid

Fried Foods:
It’s hard to walk past your favourite chip shop and not find a deep fryer. But if you want to lower your cholesterol, take a pass on the grease. Deep frying causes foods to lose water and rather it sucks up fat making it have more calories, which we all know is not very good for your health. But if you just can’t resist, try using sunflower or olive oil as they are not saturated fats like butter. It’s a healthier alternative for a healthier you!

Hydrogenated Oil:
Hydrogenated means fats that have added hydrogen to them, which makes them a trans fat. These type of fats are definitely not good for your heart. Some of our favourite foods are included in this such as many packaged foods; frozen dinners, pastries, microwave popcorn, cookies and mayonnaise all included hydrogenated oil because the shelf life of the product is increased. But they are the biggest health culprit, help raise that awareness for National Cholesterol Month and steer clear of such health risking foods.

Full Fat Dairy
We all love a delicious dessert, cheesecake anyone? But did you know a lot of our desserts are full of anti- cholesterol-fighting ingredients! Full fat cream, whole milk, cheese, and whole fat yoghurt to name but a few of those full-fat dairy foods. These full fats can easily clog your arteries causing severe heart problems and causing other bodily functions to not work in the most effective way.

Foods to Enjoy:

Plant Stanols and Sterols
These compounds are naturally found in plants and are beneficial for your health and helping to lower cholesterol levels. Plant stanols and sterols can be found in many of our everyday foods and they look and taste similar to everyday products too except with the advantage of better health benefits. Margarine spreads such as Benecol and Bertolli contain plant stanols that help you fight of cholesterol.

Spices and seasoning:
These little gems of flavour are great in all food, not only doesn’t it give your food that extra boost and enjoyment in each bite but also has great benefits for lower cholesterol. Thyme oil, ginger and turmeric are just a few seasoning spices that help to stabilise the fat in your cell membranes which in turn helps to combat the health risking cholesterol.

High Fibre Food:
Foods that are high in fibre act like an internal body sponge. It can absorb excess cholesterol that is within the bloodstream. This then helps to lower the risk of cholesterol problems in the future. Foods such as whole-wheat bread, barley, leafy green vegetables and oats are full of fibre and help to lower your cholesterol intake.

What change will you make to your diet this National Cholesterol Month and help raise awareness for this cause? By just a few small changes you can set yourself on the right track for a healthier you. It’s all just a little bit of #SimpleLove