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Fri 9 Aug, 2019

#NationalFitnessDay – The importance of staying fit!

Today is #NationalFitnessDay! We take look at how it is important to stay healthy and the positive impacts this can have on your lifestyle!

In often can be hard to maintain fitness over time. Often going in and out of diets, trying new fitness regimes. By engaging with a positive and sustainable fitness plan. So on #NationalFitnessDay, at Simply Gym , look into the positive impacts have a healthy lifestyle can have on you and your well-being. Being being fit and health can lead to:

Having a healthier state of mind

By partaking in activity throughout the week (it is aimed to get 30 minutes everyday) [1], you will see that this will help you take time away from daily worries [1]. Moreover, by coming to the gym, and taking part in our of Simply Gym classes, you are able to increase social contact [1]. Moreover, taking part in physical activity, will enable a better sleeping pattern [1]

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Having a healthier body

Doing regular exercise it is likely to help reduce the risk of heart attacks, help with lowering blood pressure [1]. Moreover, it will help to build stronger bones and joints [1]. Finally, it will also help with you feeling better, due to the aspect of you being able to have much more energy [1]. This one of the many benefits which doing regular exercise.

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How to increase your physical activity

There are many ways which can increase your physical activity. Make sure to do it in small steps, don’t jump right into it. Firstly, start of with small walks on the treadmill or cycling on a bike for a short while [1]. By doing this you will start to see the positive mental and physical aspects physical activity can have on your well-being [1].

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Finally, make sure to pop down to your local Simply Gym to see what we have to offer! Memberships starting from just £16.99! Includes all classes, large cardio and weights area, separate indoor cycling and aerobic studio and much much more! Make sure to take your first step towards fitness on #NationalFitnessDay


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