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If you are looking for a personal trainer in Kettering, then look no further than Simply Gym Kettering.

Sometimes finding a personal trainer who is right for you can be difficult, so at Simply Gym Kettering, we want to help you make the right choice.

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Simply Gym Personal Trainers

Here are 4 questions you should ask a personal trainer, to get to know what they can do for you:

“Do you have any specialisms?”
Some of our personal trainers in Kettering are experts in other fields, some are massage therapists, others may be yoga experts, and some like to focus their personal trainer efforts on weight loss. By asking the personal trainer what their specialism is, you can be assured that their experience is right for your personal training goals.

“Why do you want to train me?”
Some personal trainers just want any job, whereas our personal trainers always make sure that they invest in you and what you want to achieve. They will make sure that they are monitoring your progress, ensure that you are exercising safely and correctly, and ensure they are inspiring you across the things that are important to you, whether that’s nutrition, movement or mindset. Asking a personal trainer why they want to train you will reassure you that they are the right fit for you.

“What are your hobbies or fitness goals?”
By asking the personal trainer what they are interested in will help you to decide whether they are the kind of person you will enjoy spending time with. Although one hour a week may not be a very long time, it can be a demanding and challenging hour, during which you may need someone you can trust and someone that you actually like. See personal trainers as ‘friends’ who can help you to meet your goals, rather than the bane of your life who only brings you sweat and pain. Having a personal trainer who you like will make you more inclined to stick to your PT plan and show up consistently enough to hit your goals.

“How do you track my progress?”
To make this investment worth it, always ask the personal trainer how they will track your progress. If they don’t keep track, or they become lazy about tracking your progress, then it can be very hard to know how you are doing. A lack of record keeping and no real plan of attack can leave you feeling demotivated and make your goals feel out of reach.

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Personal Trainers at Simply Gym Kettering

Some of our members have had some real success with PTs at Simply Gym Kettering if you would like to get to know them and their personal training journey take a look at the blogs below:

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Where to find Simply Gym Kettering:

Simply Gym Kettering is located opposite the hospital on Telford Way Industrial Estate. If you are looking for a no frills gym with stacks of all the latest cardio, functional and free-weights equipment, and supportive PTs all at a low cost, then Simply Gym Kettering is the place to for you!

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