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Tue 3 Apr, 2018

The amazing “Pinch an Inch” programme winners!

It’s finally time to reveal the winners of our Simply Gym Feel the Pinch, Lose an Inch programme which was held at Simply Gym Coventry!

Our inch loss competition started in January, just as everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions were taking shape. People that were feeling the pinch of their clothes after Christmas decided to commit to losing an inch or two! Our programme consisted of free small group PT sessions that were available to competitors on a daily basis.

Led by our excellent trainer Emm Smith, the winning group was pushed to do their best on the 12-week programme. As a result, these ladies lost an incredible 50 inches between them! However, there could be only one winner. The ‘Pinch Party’ consisted of members Bhavna Mistry, Cal Oddy, and our winner who lost the most inches, Lisa Tillet. The group lost an incredible 50 inches between them! Overall Lisa managed to lose the most inches and won a Whey Protein bundle and free sessions with our trainer Emm.

Pinch an Inch Winners - Simply Gym

Congratulations ladies!

We also want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who worked hard and pushed themselves to lose as many waistline inches as possible. We can’t wait for the next program!