Tue 29 Oct, 2013

The Latest Fitness Fad in America? Drumming!

Pound Fit

Coming all the way from LA, the POUNDfit workout programme is one of the most exciting and different fitness trends to happen since Zumba. Created by former session drummers and fitness enthusiasts Cristina Peerenboom and Kristen Potenza, the Pound workout needs just one piece of equipment – a pair of patented RipStix, bright green neon drumsticks that have been weighted especially for the programme. Inspired by the rock n’ roll workout of a good drumming session, RipStix act like free weights, but are pounded onto the ground in time to rock music for one of the funnest sounding workout programmes out there.

Designed for people who love music but dislike the jargon of reps and calories burned per hour, the aim of the pound programme is ‘strategic distraction’, in other words you’re having so much fun keeping to the beat with your sticks that you don’t realise that you’re having a full body workout! The truth is, each 45 minute session contains over 15,000 reps and burns up to 900 calories, using a mix of strengthening, cardio and resistance training.

The benefits are endless, as the RipStix don’t only work out your arms, but the energy of the workout is aimed towards your entire midsection, legs, bum and thighs. The beat-based element of the workout also means it’s a great cardio workout, and improves your symmetry and (of course) your natural rhythm.

The unique selling point of getting to make a lots of noise as you work out as you pound the RipStix on the floor also makes the work out an amazing stress reliever, the primal force of whacking a heavy stick around means any tension in your body and brain should soon be gone once your workout has finished.

The POUNDfit programme isn’t here in the UK yet, but with new classes popping up across the USA and Canada all the time, we have our fingers (and sticks!) crossed for its inevitable journey across the Atlantic.

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