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If you are looking for running routes in Kettering then you are not alone! With over 1801 running routes in Kettering, there are so many options awaiting ahead of you.

At Simply Gym Kettering we absolutely love running in Kettering and the surrounding areas, and lots of our members get together regularly to running together. That’s because running can be quite a lonely way of keeping fit, and unlike a gym class where the group morale can keep you going, often we are left to run without anybody motivating us but ourselves.

Don’t get us wrong! Running alone can also be great fun, it can give you space to escape the stresses of home life, and a moment to clear the mind.

Running in Kettering - Run at Simply Gym
Running in Groups in Kettering - Simply Gym

Where to run in Kettering

There are a few brilliant running clubs in Kettering, including Harriers Running Club, She Can Do It running groups and Uventure Run for the obstacle fanatics in Kettering. However, if you are looking to get started, don’t forget to speak to us at Simply Gym about running in Kettering. We are always looking to group together, to try our new running trails in Kettering, and to sign up for running events that may come up throughout the year.

If you are new to running and you are a bit afraid to start, just let us know and we can try our best to find you a running buddy in Kettering.

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How will running in Kettering benefit me?

If you aren’t sure if running is for you, then you may like these few reminders of why running can really benefit you:

  1. Running makes you happy – running releases endorphins which are the hormones that make you happy!
  2. Running is good for your joints – by running (and resting!) regularly, your muscles are strengthened taking the pressure off your joints. This can be particularly good for preventing osteoarthritis!
  3. Running is good for the skin – if you suffer from eczema or acne, these may be worsened by stress. Running can help these conditions to calm down by calming you down!

So if you are looking to go running in Kettering, get in touch and let us know and we can help you to give it a go!

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