Why You Should Try a Personal Trainer?

What are the benefits of personal trainers?

It is often asked, how can a personal trainer make that much of a difference? There are number of benefits which can be identified by having a personal trainer. Here at Simply Gym , we have a number of personal trainers available which will help you towards the goal you always wanted to reach! There information can be found on the specific gyms page.

The first benefit personal trainers can bring is:


It has been indicated by research that having a personal trainer can lead to a positive correlation increase motivation [1]. Moreover, a study on a small sample study has identified it increased 60% of individuals motivation by having a programme provided by a personal trainer [1]. This shows the positive impact personal trainers can give with reaching your goals. Make sure to check our personal trainers here at Simply Gym. Memberships starting from just £16.99.

They Will Hold You Accountable

By having some who will always be there when you are meant to go to a gym session will make you accountable. This will allow you, without realising, reaching your goals with ease [2]. They allow you stick to the goals when, at times, you may not want to continue to that goal or not have the motivation to.

Provide Your With The Correct Technique

By having someone there to assist you will allow you to complete the movements in the correct manner. This will mean that the you will significantly lower the chances of injury [2]. Furthermore, they will be able to moderate what is best plan of action when maybe on your own, you may push yourself towards injury. Which can become detrimental to training towards a competition that you are working towards [2].


The most important. They will be able to give you a fresh perspective of what the outcome may be feasible [3]. They will also be able to give the perspective of what is achievable and the most sustainable way of achieving the goal that you want to get to[ 3]. By doing this, they will allow you to enjoy the process. Rather than you going 1000% and then falling off the motivation when you have pushed yourself too far.

Here at Simply Gym we have an number of personal trainers available. Make sure to check out what they have to offer! All their details are found on each gyms page with their contact details! Get a Simply Gym membership from just £16.99! All classes included!


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