Meghan | One Year On Simply Gym’s Transformation

“I’m not really into sharing much, but I love Simply Gym. I’ve always felt welcomed and the growth you’ve undergone as well as a gym is incredible. The amount of new equipment, the fresh paint, fresh new faces as PTs it’s nice to be a part of. The new PTs I’ve seen are so friendly and I’ve always hated that about other gyms. The PTs are not approachable- granted I don’t use them it’s still nice to see welcoming people. This is my post baby 2 progress at 37! It hasn’t been easy, it’s not an all or nothing approach- it’s been slow & steady & consistent. Would prefer not to show my face. I’m not done, but I’m stronger & have more energy to keep up with my 2 kids. Watch this space.” – Meghan

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