Lesley | One Year On Simply Gym’s Transformation

“I’ve attached a pic of me up a mountain from this weekend which i could never had done several months ago if i wasn’t strengthening myself at the gym! I joined the gym initially to give my mind a work out! My mental health has dipped up and down since having post natal depression following becoming a mum 12 years ago. I don’t have a before and after picture for physical changes but i know that inside i have changed. I’m growing as person, challenging myself.  My time at Simply Gym has spurred me on to look after myself better, to understand my body better and i love the feel good factor i get from working out.  It is true – exercise isn’t jut beneficial for the body, but for the mind to. Physically i’m stronger, in lifting weights i never though i could, and setting myself personal workout goals. As my body shape changes that inspires me to continue and i love the journey this is taking me on.
Joining Simply Gym is a decision i wish i made sooner and I have to thank Cerasela, a PT at Simply Gym East for being amazing – motivating and spurring me on! I wouldn’t be where i am now if it wasn’t for her.” – Lesley

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