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Fri 23 Sep, 2016

A Simply Transformation: Beth Olechnowicz

Beth Olechnowicz tells us about her transformation at Simply Gym, Kettering:


This time last year I weighed 14st 3.5lbs… I had damaged my back in a car accident which really restricted what exercise I can do. I decided to join Simply Gym as it was newly built in Kettering and close to where I live. I trained there regularly in the ladies only gym as I was pretty shy and nervous about being there…


I now weigh 12st 2lbs which is the lowest I have ever recalled. To get to this point I started training with a personal trainer: Rob Pritchard at Simply. We started training in May this year and I still have regular sessions with him each week. Rob helped me initially get into the main gym and boost my confidence. I had been training for hours doing endless cardio before I started training with Rob, he introduced me to a different way of thinking and training. We alternate what muscles I train, and really mix it up in terms of sessions and exercises, we do completely different workouts each session: bodyweight training, core exercises, supersets etc. Amazingly, I have now worked up to some weights that, due to my back injury, I was unable to do 12 months ago.

“I started training with Rob, he introduced me to a different way of thinking and training.”


In the past 6 months I have seen a huge change in my shape, tone and strength. I have changed my diet and eating habits and I am happy to continue the lifestyle I am building. I plan on continuing to improve on my weight loss journey and toning up wherever I can, increasing strength and ability in my back and core as much as possible.

I was really body conscious before, and now I actually don’t care… well I guess I care but in a way where I want people to see my progress. I want them to see that over time you can get there, even if it’s only a tiny little bit at a time. My advice? Stop focusing on the end goal – focus on the day or week in hand, plan what you can do here and now, and before you know it weeks and months will pass and you look back and notice how far you’ve come. Thank you Simply Gym for providing excellent equipment, advice and trainers! All I can ask for now is later opening times (fingers crossed!) ?

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